Fairfax County brothers, 3 and 6, die days after being trapped in house fire

LATEST UPDATE: 3, 6-year-old brothers killed in Clifton house fire have 'Honor Walk' ahead of organ donation

The 3-year-old and 6-year-old brothers rescued from a burning home in Fairfax County last week have both died, according to Fairfax County fire officials. 

In a Facebook post, dad Jamey Brice shared the tragic news that William Clarke Brice, 6, and Zachariah Henry Brice, 3, passed away four days after a blaze broke out at their home on Whetstone Manor Lane in Clifton. 

"We are devastated by these horrific events and heart broken that we lost our amazing sons. Our prayers along with all of yours have been answered, just in a different way. It wasn’t what we picked, and we are learning to surrender and trust God more and more," Jamey Brice wrote. 

The fire began around 9 a.m. on April 10. According to Brice, the boys' grandparents were upstairs with their older brother, 8-year-old Logan, when the fire broke out. William and Zachariah were trapped upstairs and suffered major smoke inhalation. 

Brice says he, his wife, and the oldest brother, 13-year-old Seth, were not home at the time.

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Firefighters arrived at the scene and immediately initiated a search of the home to find the two boys. They were rescued and the fire was brought under control. Logan and the grandparents were brought to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Brice began documenting the family’s experience in the hospital on social media, providing updates on their progress and asking for prayers from the community. 

The day after the fire, he wrote that the boys both had symptoms consistent with brain death. After a series of tests, Brice announced their passing Monday morning. 

"Our heart aches because we want them here, but we have a strong hope knowing that we will see them again and will do our best to share their legacy of love, and joy and encouragement for everyone they met," he said in the Facebook post. 

He added that the family needs space and "some time to be mom and dad." 

The Fairfax County Fire Marshal says the origin and cause of the fire remain under investigation.