22 arrested after large marijuana bust at DC restaurant and lounge

A massive drug bust at a restaurant and lounge in Northwest D.C. has led to the arrest of 22 people during an apparent underground marijuana party.

D.C. police say officers in their Narcotics and Special Investigations Division went to the XO Restaurant and Lounge in the 1400 block of L Street last Saturday at around 7 p.m. to investigate ongoing drug complaints that have been made from the community about the business.

Investigators seized 17 pounds of marijuana, 10 pounds of edibles and 2 quarts of THC-infused oils, according to officials.

In D.C., anyone 21 years old or older can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana and can give one ounce or less to another person over the legal age of 21. However, it is illegal to sell marijuana or exchange it for other goods and services.

FOX 5 has learned another alleged marijuana party was busted at another business one night before Saturday's raid. Police say officers responding to Piola, a pizza restaurant on 14th Street in Northwest D.C., found several tables with marijuana on display apparently for sale. Five people were arrested in this case.