2 teens crash stolen vehicle after forcing victim out at gunpoint in Fairfax

Two teens have been arrested after forcing a man out of his vehicle at gun point in Fairfax County. 

According to police, the two teens were arrested in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Police responded to the Vienna Metro Station in the 9500 block of Saintsbury Drive in Fairlee for a stolen 2021 Jeep Compass on Saturday morning around 5:52 a.m. Officers learned that two suspects stole the vehicle while it was left running and unoccupied.


Victim robbed at gunpoint by 2 masked men in Fairfax

A victim was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men in Fairfax. 

Around 6:00 a.m., officers responded to the 8100 block of Porter Road in Merrifield for a carjacking. The victim reported he was sitting in his 2022 Toyota Camry when two suspects approached him, produced a firearm, and forced him out of the vehicle. 

Police say one of the suspects assaulted the victim before both suspects fled in the victim’s vehicle. The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

It was later learned that the Jeep became disabled after it was stolen by the suspects. The suspects then stole the victim’s Toyota, left the Jeep nearby, and fled Fairfax County before police arrival.

Albemarle County Police Department officers spotted the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the suspects sped away and crashed. The 16- and 17-year-old suspects were taken to a local hospital. A firearm was located in the vehicle.