2 of the nation's first black sextuplets graduating from high school

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Time sure does fly by. Two of the nation's first black sextuplets are about to graduate from high school.

Stella Thompson is feeling great because she and her sister are graduating from D.C.'s Hospitality High School.

"Just sitting in that audience seeing two of my kids graduate, it's a dream come true," said their mother, Jackie Thompson.

It was just a dream back in 1997 as Jackie gave birth to six children. But sadly, one was stillborn.

Around the same time the Thompson children arrived, another set of multiples were born in the Midwest and they were lavished with gifts.

"I thought why are families still treated differently because one is black and one is white, I just don't understand," said Jessica Abo. "My mom said if you're that upset, do something about it."

So Abo collected money, clothing and toys in her hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She and her classmates traveled to D.C. to meet the Thompsons.

"We went to [Abo's] graduation when she was 17," said Jackie. "Now she's coming to their graduation at 18. So she's been in my family for 18 years now and she's a very nice young lady."

The Thompsons from oldest to youngest are Emily, Richard, Octavia, Stella and Ann-Marie.

Stella and Ann-Marie are graduating while the other three will graduate next year. But they stick together.

"The best thing is you have always got somebody by your side, even when everybody else is gone," said Stella. "You still have your sisters."

That is also the worst thing.

"They will not leave me alone," Stella said.

The two graduates will go to Howard University on a free ride.

Stella wants to be a veterinarian and follow on a similar path of taking care of others -- just like Jessica Abo has.

"I think teaching young people that affluence is not a requirement for influence is a great lesson because you don't need to be a certain age to make a difference," said Abo. "You just need to see a place where you can step in and step up."