2 DC officers under investigation over handling of threat complaint before youth coach shot to death

Questions are being raised about the actions of two D.C. police officers before a Maryland youth football coach was murdered in Southeast D.C. Both officers have had their police powers revoked and have been placed on non-contact status since then.

Andre Young was fatally shot on July 30 in the 1500 block of 19th Street in Southeast D.C. The 47-year-old was shot in the head when friends and law enforcement sources said he stepped in to stop an assault during a dispute. A second man was also shot and wounded.

Friends said Young was a father of five who coached youth football in Glenarden.

D.C. police are not providing an on-the-record account of what took place before Young was killed, but shortly before the shooting, five people went to the Sixth District Substation to file a complaint.

According to a police report obtained by FOX 5, the five people told police that a man was refusing to leave a house and had threatened them. The report said the man entered the common area, lifted up his shirt, showed an unknown object and stated, "I'm the reason why the murder rate is up in DC." He then re-entered the residence and stated, "If I'm not living here nobody is," and then fled.

Sources said the officer who took the report may not have followed proper protocol. He has had his police powers revoked.

A second officer, a detective, also may not have followed protocol and told the five people filing the complaint to go home and to call 911 if they saw the man making the threats, according to sources.

Sources said at the very least, the people who filed the complaint should have been escorted home with an armed police officer to make sure it was safe for them to go home. It did not happen and investigators are now looking into the officers' actions.