2 brothers plead guilty in deadly shooting outside Prince George's County police station

Two of the brothers who were indicted in connection with the 2016 shooting outside of a Prince George's County police station that left one officer dead have pleaded guilty while their older brother, according to his attorney, is headed to trial. Authorities say 18-year-old Elijah Ford, and his brother, 21-year-old Malik Ford, appeared in court this morning and pleaded guilty to seperate charges.

Malik pleaded guilty to attempted 2nd degree murder, using a handgun to commit a felony, and conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder. He faces 20 years in prison. Elijah pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder and is facing 12 years in prison. The attorney for 22-year-old Michael Ford, the elder brother, says his client plans to go to trial.

The two younger brothers have been accused of sitting in a vehicle and recording the deadly attack on their cellphones. Michael, was identified by investigators as the one who fired shots during the incident. He was indicted on 55 counts, including second-degree murder. Prosecutors say the elder brother opened fire on officers, on the building, on a passing ambulance and two other vehicles during the attack.

Officer Jacai Colson was killed by friendly fire as fellow officers shot back at Ford.

The attack happened on March 13, 2016 in front of the District 3 Police Station in Landover.

Cell phone video that was captured by the two younger brothers show Michael Ford dictating his last will and testament just minutes before they drove him to the police station.

Officer Taylor Krauss was identified as the officer who fired the shot that killed Colson during the shootout.

Police said Colson, an undercover narcotics detective, was not in uniform and had arrived in an unmarked private vehicle when he exchanged gunfire with Michael Ford at the time of the ambush.

He was killed by friendly fire after he was mistaken as a second shooter in the incident.