16-year-old found naked and drunk after breaking into Stafford County home, deputies say

A teenager fell asleep drunk after ignoring a gun fired into the air while he broke into a Stafford County home, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Stafford County Sheriff's deputies responded to the home on Pierce Court on Thursday morning, Dec. 27 after a break-in was reported.

The people who lived in the home told the deputies that they were sleeping when they heard a knock on a door and the teenager yelling for them to let him.

When they didn't recognize the 16-year-old, they opened a window and told him to leave.

However, the teenager persisted, kicking at the door and then a window.

Finally, one of the people in the home fired a gun into the ground in order to get the teenager to leave, but he still continued to kick at a window until he broke it and entered.

The homeowners then used bedroom furniture to bar their door against the intruder.

When they arrived, the deputies established a perimeter and help remove the residents and a baby from, the home.

They found the teenager naked and sleeping on a couch in the living room wrapped in a blanket.

The Sheriff's Office charged the teenager with unlawful entry, alcohol possession, and vandalism.

After the incident, they turned the teenager over to his parents.