Weather forecast for March For Our Lives in DC

If you're one of the nearly 500,000 people expected to join the March For Our Lives demonstration in the District on Saturday, here's what you can expect weather-wise.

Early Saturday morning will start out bitterly cold, so as demonstrators prepare for the march they can expect temperatures in the upper 20s.

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Just hours before the march, as protesters begin to make their way to their rally point, they can expect temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s.

The March For Our Lives is slated to officially begin at noon, so those on Pennsylvania Avenue at that time and during the demonstration should expect temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s.

Marchers can expect a mix of sun and clouds with wind gusts of up to 10 mph possible. There is no rain or precipitation in the forecast so marchers should remain dry.

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As activities prepare to wrap up, temperatures will begin to drop to the low 40s, perhaps upper 30s as we progress into the evening. There is a storm making its way from the west that brings the potential for rain and snow late Saturday evening, but it's forecasted to hit far away from the District to the south and southwest, closer to Virginia-Kentucky border. That system is only expected to bring cloud coverage to the District.

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