Gas shortages in wake of Hurricane Michael

As people try to head home to assess the damage after Hurricane Michael, many have found it hard to get there because of fuel shortages.

"This is probably my third or fourth exit that I've stopped at and there hasn't been any [gas]," said Laura Warren, who spoke to FOX 5 as she waited in line to fill up her gas tank at a station in Cottondale, Fla.

Warren was headed from South Georgia to Baton Rouge to watch UGA play LSU on Saturday. She said she should have realized her route across Interstate 10 would take her right through the areas impacted by the storm.

"It's insane. I'm way too stubborn for my own good. I'm looking at this thinking, 'What was I thinking?'" Warren explained. "If you don't have to come towards the coast, I would stay as far west of the panhandle as you can because it's just crazy down here. I mean, there's trees down. I've probably passed at least a thousand power crews. So, if you can cut over more towards Alabama, especially if you're coming from the Atlanta area, just go as far west as you can and avoid the coastline, especially down near Alabama, Florida, because it's been--I mean, I've been looking for gas for the last 50 miles probably and this is the first place."

Warren was able to fill up and continue on her way.

FOX 5 crews witnessed similar lines at gas stations in Destin, Fla. and Dothan, Ala.

According to AAA, the gas outages are mainly in Florida and South Georgia. They do not expect those issues to extend into metro Atlanta.

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