2 products that can make your life easier this winter

Want to survive the winter? These two products are made in America and will make your winter an easier one.


This product helps you eliminate ice dams from the safety of your yard - no need to drag out that ladder or extension equipment.

Just toss one of the non-corrosive melters, made from calcium chloride, up to the troublesome spot on your roof. Roofmelt begins to work when it comes into contact with the snow and ice, and the water will drain from the roof to the ground.

Roofmelt started in Grand Rapids and has now expanded to Belding and Greenville. All products are made in Belding, Mich. and are available at major hardware retailers nationwide.

Online: www.roofmelt.com


Karen Smoots developed this product to help parents across the country send their kids to school or out to play with - finally! - dry gloves and mittens.

Smoots and her husband developed a drying rack that sits directly on your register. A floor register is ideal, Smoots says, but it will also work leaning up against a wall register.

Smoots says a study from Metro Detroit Mommy, a local blog for moms, found the average drying time for gloves and mittens is 17 minutes.

The dryer can also work with boots, tennis shoes or hats. It is portable and easily packable for those trips up north or to friends' houses.

Online: www.thegreenglovedryer.com

VIDEO: Watch the video in the video player above to learn more about each product