Word artist honors Alex Ovechkin and Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals

An artist's latest piece is one that will impress all Washington Capitals fans.

Daniel Duffy is a word artist from Philadelphia who creates images that uses handwritten text related to the topic to form his masterpieces. His latest creation is the image of Capitals' star Alex Ovechkin raising the Stanley Cup.

Duffy handwrote the date, score and opponent of every Capitals game this past season to illustrate Ovechkin's triumph in leading the Capitals to its first Stanley Cup in franchise history while also honoring Washington's first major sports championship in more than a quarter-century.

"Plain and simple - Alex Ovechkin is one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game," said Duffy. "43 years is a long time to wait for a Stanley Cup - but this team, city, and especially Ovi all deserve it. From Ovechkin's season long dominance to Holtby's Game 5 brilliance, these guys never gave up."

This word art took Duffy around 75 hours to create.

Since 2008, Duffy said he has used sports statistics, song lyrics and speeches to form his art. He has created other sports-related pieces for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Major League Baseball and Gatorade.

If you would like to see more of his work, go to artofwords.com.