UMd. president speaks to FOX 5 as school awaits findings of investigation into football program

Nearly one month after a report found the University of Maryland culpable in the death of football player Jordan McNair, FOX 5 caught up with the university's president as the school awaits the findings of a second investigation examining the culture of the football program.

Back on May 29, McNair was taking part in an offseason workout where he collapsed. He was hospitalized at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he died 15 days later from heatstroke.

Last month, the Board of Regents released the 74-page findings of the independent investigation into the 19-year-old's death, which found there was "a failure to identify symptoms and aggressively treat it."

On Aug. 14, University of Maryland President Wallace Loh said the school accepted "legal and moral responsibility" for the decisions made by its athletic staff leading up to McNair's death.

After the offensive lineman's death, an ESPN report cited former players alleging a toxic culture of bullying by the coaching staff. Maryland football coach DJ Durkin was placed on administrative leave following the report. McNair's father has called for the university to fire Durkin.

Loh told FOX 5 there is still no timeline on when the Board of Regents will reveal its findings on the second investigation on the football program.

"That's a very serious issue and it is under the supervision and under the control of the Board of Regents, and we all share the same goal - to make sure that such tragic accidents no longer occur," said Loh.

The controversy over McNair's death and the football program has raised questions about how long Loh will remain as the university's president. However, it was a question he deflected from FOX 5.

"This is a great university and I am just honored to be a steward of the flagship university of the state of Maryland," Loh said.

The Board of Regents is scheduled to meet this Friday.