Oldest former Falcons player shares memories

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Fifty one years ago, number 51 Bob Whitlow played for the Atlanta Falcons. Now the former center is hoping to see the franchise win the 51st Super Bowl.

"I think they can do it," Bob Whitlow said.

The 80 year old played for the inaugural Atlanta Falcons team.

"We scrimmaged 18-20 days in a row," Whitlow said. "Nobody does that in the NFL now."

Whitlow is the oldest living former Atlanta Falcons player.

"Hey, it's better than the alternative," Whitlow told FOX 5 on Monday.

Whitlow played for the Falcons for one year, but spent a total of 9 in the NFL.

"I wish we could have won a little more," Whitlow said. "I wasn't used to winning three. I was used to winning 10-11 games."

Fast forward 51 years, the same franchise is headed to Super Bowl 51. Whitlow hopes to be there in Houston to cheer on his team.

"I would go but I don't know anybody who has any tickets," Whitlow said. "But wouldn't it be nice to hang a banner up in the new stadium. The first ever Super Bowl win for the Atlanta Falcons..."

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