Nationals to offer $1 ticket sale if Bryce Harper hits home run in All-Star Game

Bryce Harper's prolific performance during the Home Run Derby benefitted some Washington Nationals fans looking for a cheap ticket for a future game.

Before the event, the team offered a promotion that would give a $1 discount for every home run that Harper would hit in the Home Run Derby.

Well, the Nationals' slugger launched 45 home runs to win the competition.

With so many home runs, the Nationals tweeted that Harper earned fans $1 tickets - and an apology to the team's finance department.

Unfortunately, the $1 tickets made available for three home games in August against the Cincinnati Reds have sold out.

But fear not Nationals fans! If Harper goes yard during the All-Star Game, the Nationals said they will release more $1 tickets.

Not that we needed more reasons to cheer him on at the All-Star Game. Let's go Bryce!