National Park Service considers ban on Washington Monument sports

It's a common sight on the Washington Monument grounds as sports teams gather year-round to play a variety of games.

But the National Park Service is considering putting an end to the long tradition. Park Service wants a temporary ban on playing sports near the Washington Monument through 2018.

The proposal from Park Service would also charge $70 to register to use any area of the National Mall for recreational sports for a two-hour block, and then an additional $30 per hour and a $10 administrative fee for each hour you want to do so.

Previously it was as cheap as $7 to play on the grounds.

Park Service said due to the sports activity they've had to pour resources into fixing the turf, sometimes having to close the area around the Washington Monument to perform the repairs.

Officials with Park Service said they would be taking comment from the public about the matter beginning on Monday.

In the video player above, FOX 5's Brody Logan reports from the National Mall.