Minneapolis condo owners threatened with $5,000 fine for Super Bowl rentals

US Bank Stadium is still months away from completion and nearly two years away from hosting Super Bowl LII, yet listings for places to stay are already popping up on sites like VRBO and Airbnb.

At least one is asking $4,000 a night for a one-bedroom, one-bath condo in downtown Minneapolis for the weekend, but the listings are getting some condo owners in hot water.

Shaun Keenan lives blocks from the new stadium in a building that prohibited Super Bowl rentals.

"They had seen that some of the properties were listed, and they demanded that they be taken down at once," he said. "To me, I think it's pretty ridiculous."

Over in the North Loop, 5th Avenue Lofts took that one step further and sent out a memo last week threatening condo owners with a fine of up to $5,000 if they short-term leased.

Attorney Nancy Polomis with Hellmuth and Johnson represents home owners associations currently dealing with the rental issue.

"$5,000 might be excessive for some violations, but when you're talking about five figures for a week or two of renting, some might say it's worth it," Polomis said.

Polomis added even though you own your condo, you may not have the right to use it like a hotel.

"When you buy into a townhome or condo association, you leave some of those rights at the door because it's a community living situation," she explained.

If you ignore the rules, Polomis warned, you could face a civil suit, but likely, you'll simply make enemies with the home owner's association.