Johnny Manziel ordered to stay away from ex-girlfriend at hearing

Johnny Manziel was ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend at a brief preliminary hearing on Thursday.

The hearing in a Dallas County courtroom was the first in-court appearance by the quarterback for a January domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend that started at an Uptown Dallas hotel and ended in Fort Worth.

Manziel was ordered by a Dallas County judge to have no firearms in his possession and have no contact with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

"You can't call her, You can't text her. You can't email her. You can't send her any letters or go to where she's at," said Judge Roberto Canas Jr.

There were no restrictions placed on Manziel for travel or alcohol and drugs during the four-minute hearing.

Manziel left the hearing after he signed an affidavit of understanding. He refused to comment on the case as he excited the courthouse.

"As you can see from the process that got us here, which was as very unusual, that this was not a run of the mill kind of a case," said Bob Hinton, Manziel's attorney.

As Manziel and his family left the courthouse, some of his supporters chimed in.

"He needs help, not criticism," said Aggie alum Rachel Rustmann who was wearing shirt that read, 'Free Manziel.'

Manziel surrendered Wednesday afternoon to police in Highland Park, where he was booked and posted a $1,500 bond. Even though the incidents did not happen in Highland Park, Manziel was allowed to surrender at any police department in Texas.

The next hearing in Manziel's case is scheduled for June 24.

Lawyers familiar with the process say Manziel will not be required to be present for the next hearing.