Has Redskins RB Alfred Morris ditched his 'Bentley' for a bike?

For years, Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris has been driving something interesting to work at Redskins Park: A 1991 Mazda 626 he named "Bentley." And in a parking lot surrounded by actual Bentleys and other luxury cars, Morris' parking space is now home to something else: his red bicycle.

Yes, Morris appears to now be biking to work. FOX 5's Brody Logan tweeted this Vine video of Morris' new ride Wednesday from the parking lot:

When Morris was a rookie, his "Bentley" made headlines. He told Redskins.com had sentimental value to him because it "just keeps me grounded, (reminds me of) where I came from and all the hard work (it took) for me to get to this point." In 2013, Morris had Bentley refurbished inside and out, and she kept on coming with him to work. Now, it appears he has a new ride--or at least a second one.

Morris has yet to comment on the new bike.