Get your sports memorabilia appraised at All-Star FanFest

If you're lucky and your mom didn't throw away all of your childhood baseball memorabilia, you could cash in during the MLB GEICO All-Star FanFest.

One of the great events at FanFest is checking out tons of awesome and valuable sports items and you can get yours appraised for free.

There will be some special items up for auction, and get your own gems appraised by David Hunt, President of Hunt Auctions.

They will be hosting a two-day live auction for memorabilia collectors investors for anybody who wants to acquire some special pieces.

There will items from Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, to signed photographs that could be $50 to $100,000. Plus, as part of DC history, there are lots of great pieces with a tie to political history in baseball -- including and a baseball signed by pieces signed by John F. Kennedy.

Hunt said many baseballs signed by Ronald Reagan were "auto-penned," and not actually signed by the president himself. He says many were given out as souvenirs, so finding one that was actually hand-signed is hard to find.

The Good Day crew also showed some of their own personal sports memorabilia. Holly showed some of her husband's signed baseballs, including one signed by Nolan Ryan. Wisdom shared a jersey signed by Magic Johnson.

Steve brought out a football signed to him by 49er NFL legend Joe Montana. And though Montana played for San Francisco, he is from outside of Pittsburgh like Steve.

"Joe signed this for me, so it's personalized which I know sometimes detracts from the value, but at the same time Joe and I both grew up outside of Pittsburgh. When he signed the football, this 49ers legend signed my football 'Go Steelers.'"

One thing that Hunt recommends for signed paraphernalia is to make sure to protect the signatures from light, which does fade things. He says even fluorescent light in
the house can ruin autographs and recommends purchasing UV cases to protect special items.

Hunt Auctions Appraisal Fair and Live Auction Display will be at the MLB All-Star FanFest at the Walter Washington Convention Center from July 13 to 17.

Bidding for the Live Auction is on July 16 and 17.