Despite QB controversy, Redskins remain optimistic for new season

Hope springs eternal. With another football season upon us, the Washington Redskins held its 54th annual Welcome Home Luncheon.

The event serves a dual purpose of ringing in the new season and raising money for charity.

But after a quarterback change this year, some Redskins fans said they are taking a wait and see approach before they get their hopes up.

It was a celebratory mood at the event -- with owner Daniel Snyder declaring unity.

"The players on this team are together," he said.

Benched quarterback Robert Griffin III pledged to continue his work for veterans after receiving a team award for his community work with military families.

"When you give your word to somebody, that means you're going to follow through," Griffin said.

But something else is running through the fans that paid to be here: uncertainty.

"Well, I was really hoping Robert Griffin III would succeed, but we're looking forward to Kirk Cousins," said one fan.

"I think there's a lot of controversy with the way it's been handled," said another luncheon attendee.

"It's the beginning of the season so this is always the best time to be a Redskins fan," said this optimistic fan.

These are feelings born of 24 years with no Super Bowl championship, numerous head coaching changes and the consistent losing.

New starting quarterback Kirk Cousins acknowledges Washington fans have put up with a lot. But does he feel the pressure after being named the new starter behind center?

"Well, it's a great opportunity," said Cousins. "I think it's important to apply pressure, not feel it."

If you think players don't care about the fans' unease, wide receiver Pierre Garcon actually knows it all too well.

"We are very aware of it," he said. "We run into diehard Redskins fans every day and we definitely appreciate their support."

They have been doing this luncheon for 54 years now. It benefits the team's charitable foundation, which does good deeds around our area.

With a new year and new season, Redskins fans are hoping for a new outcome.