Deion Sanders said 'we coming', now Colorado is here

Deion Sanders told the world "we coming" when he was hired as the head football coach of the University of Colorado. On Saturday, the Buffaloes put the NCAA on notice that they are officially here.

After a thrilling 45-42 win over 17th-ranked TCU on FOX Sanders and Colorado are the talk of college football.


Colorado pulls off opening shocker in Deion Sanders' debut, 45-42 over No. 17 TCU

The Buffaloes pulled off an opening shocker with a 45-42 win over 17th-ranked TCU, last year's national runner-up.

Jean-Jacques Taylor, author of the upcoming book "Coach Prime: Deion Sanders and the Making of Men", sat down with FOX 4 on Sunday night to talk about how Sanders is changing the tone of a team that won a single game a year ago.

"It's really because he's all about culture," Taylor said. "You can tell he doesn't care what anybody thinks. A lot of us say that, but few of us really roll like that."

Prior to moving to Boulder, Sanders was a successful coach at Jackson State.

He led the team to a record of 27-6 in his 3 years at the helm of the HBCU's program.

Taylor says the same attitude that Sanders brought to Jackson State will allow him to be successful at Colorado.


"A lot of people motivate, and they push people to try to get him there. What [Sanders] does is he pulls you," said Taylor. "I set a standard that's up here, and then I take you and make you reach that standard and I don't allow you not to reach the standard. If you're willing to work and try and put forth all things to get there."

"To me, that separates him from a lot of other coaches and a lot of other people," he added.

Taylor says Sanders allowed him to have a great deal of access for his book, which comes out on October 10.

He says when he was in Jackson he was allowed into team and individual meetings that most reporters would not be.

"Not only were there no restrictions, he didn't ask, he didn't care," Taylor said. "He figured, if I got you in here and I trust you, you'll talk to the people you need to talk to, and you'll do the things you need to do, to make the book a success, and tell the true story of Jackson State."

Some have criticized Sanders comments to the media following Saturday's win.

The head coach said he kept receipts on media members who had publicly doubted Colorado.

"It's because Deion has believed from day one that he could flip this thing and make them very competitive year one. Even his coaching staff, they believed it, but they didn't believe it to the level that he believed it," said Taylor.

Colorado will play Nebraska which is led by former Baylor and Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule.

"I don't know how many games [Colorado] is going to win, but nobody is looking forward to playing them, and they're going to be a pain in the butt for a lot of opponents," said Taylor.

You can watch Coach Prime and Colorado take on Nebraska on Saturday on FOX at 11 a.m.