Charlotte teen juggling school and NASCAR career

During the week 18-year-old William Byron is just like any other teen his age, but by the weekend he's muscling his way around the track in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

Competing in NASCAR is a dream for hundreds of young racers across the country.

"I just say never to give up on those dreams because you never know what can happen and what breaks can come your way," Byron said.

Perhaps one of his biggest breaks coming this past weekend at Kansas Speedway when he earned his first career win in only his fifth start.

It's a victory that almost slipped away. After leading 33 laps, Byron was 3rd heading in to the final corner on the final lap. Then, the two drivers in front of him made contact and both were sent spinning in to the wall.

"I wasn't expecting it for sure, but we were thinking about getting second and hopefully getting the win," Byron said.

One of the first to meet Byron in victory lane was his boss and team owner Kyle Busch.

"He was just super pumped for me and for the team. I was really happy too. To get that first win under my belt with Kyle Busch Motorsports, my first win with them, is really neat," Byron said.

When William Byron isn't traveling the NASCAR circuit he is a senior at Charlotte Country Day School. He says juggling school and racing can present a challenge.

"It's difficult but I think Charlotte Country Day does a great job of helping me get through high school and keeping my classes flexible during the week so I can get off on the weekends and go and race," Byron said.

Byron's set to graduate in late May.

As if he doesn't already have enough activities on his plate, he's also taking courses through his sponsor, Liberty University.

"I have taken six online classes so far and next year I will go there full time as a residential student," Byron said.

That is, if NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing doesn't come calling first.