The Mansion Murders, Episode 2: Oikogéneia

The Greek word for family is oikogeneia. To the outside world, the Savopoulos family looked like they had it all: money, success, a beautiful family-- but what was underneath the facade?

The Savopoulos family and their housekeeper, Vera Figueroa, were held hostage in their home for 19 hours and then brutally murdered. To the D.C. area and the nation who became captivated by this story, the Savopoulos family looked like they had it all.

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They were wealthy, and traveled extensively. They were the perfect photo-op: three gorgeous kids and two beautiful, young parents. But like many families, the actual story is more complex and contradictory than that.

Roxanne Roberts from the Washington Post, a former business partner of Savvas Savopoulos' father, their maid, and others speak out to discuss the family, from the family's generosity to their resistance of speaking out after the murders.

Episode 2 of The Mansion Murders explores the family that gained national attention amid unimaginable tragedy.

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