The Good Word: Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times Bestselling Author of 'The Chosen: And I Will Give You Rest'

New York Times bestselling author of The Chosen Jerry B. Jenkins joins us on THE GOOD WORD PODCAST! 

He makes no apologies about discussing religion at the dinner table this holiday season and more! Plus his son is the creator of #TheChosen series and the movie "Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night" is out now.

Jerry is of the biggest selling authors of our time – best recognized as the writer of the blockbuster bestselling Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye. 

Jerry is continuing his writing success with his new series of books based on the popular THE CHOSEN series and films created and directed by his son Dallas Jenkins.

The Chosen is the only multi-season series that features a biblical and historical depiction of Jesus, His disciples and their ministry (

Jerry has written more than 200 books including 21 New York Times bestsellers with more than 72 million copies in cumulative sales.