The Good Word: Dr. Royel M. Johnson

Dr. Royel M. Johnson, an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Social Work at the University of Southern California joins us on THE GOOD WORD podcast!

His faith impacted his journey from the inner city and public school system of Chicago. He quickly ascended to his current position overcoming a lot of life and personal obstacles to get there, which has fueled his work. He has committed a lot of his work to tackling racial and ethnic disparities in America’s foster care system, highlighting its impact on education and even the career trajectory of those affected by the system.

Dr. Johnson is currently working on two new books: "Family Matters: How Youth in Foster Care Access College" (sole-authored), which will be published by Teachers College Record; and "Countering Attacks on Critical Race Theory: Teaching Truths About America’s Racial Past and Present" (with Shaun Harper and Chris Emdin) that will be published by Harvard Education Press.

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