SPONSORED: High Performance Work Teams - It’s all about metrics and core values

In Episode 2 of the cultur(ED) podcast,  Anson Dorrance tells host Melissa Jezior, CEO of Arlington-based Eagle Hill Consulting, that building winning business and sports teams boils down to two key elements:  Core Values and Metrics

Anson Dorrance, one of the most successful coaches in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has it figured out.  As the head coach of the women's soccer program at the University of North Carolina, Dorrance led the Tar Heels to 21 of the 31 NCAA Women's Soccer Championships. He has a 90% winning record, led the team to a 101-game unbeaten streak, and coached 13 different women to 20 National Player of the Year awards.

And the techniques Dorrance has fine-tuned over his 40+ year career are directly applicable to business. 

You may have seen recent research from Eagle Hill that found nearly half of the U.S. workforce is unclear about their employer’s core values. These findings are troubling because organizational values should be the driving force motivating employees’ day-to-day behavior and their relationships with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

As you might guess, the exact opposite is the case for teams led by Coach Dorrance. Every single team member knows the team’s core values, can recite them, and is held accountable for living the core values.  

During the podcast, Coach Dorrance also discusses how team members can create a false narrative about their abilities that aren’t rooted in facts, which can get in the way of their success. Data, he says, is one of the most powerful ways to create a fact-based mindset that drives performance and holds individuals accountable.

Take a few minutes to listen to the podcast interview with Coach Dorrance. In addition to critical insights on metrics and core values, he offers wisdom in many other areas that can help businesses – from developing women as leaders to identifying top talent.