Prosecutors: Mansion Murders suspect's brother working with investigators

Prosecutors in the Mansion Murders trial on Monday unlocked one of the biggest mysteries of the case when they revealed - out of earshot of the jury - that the defendant's brother was assisting investigators and had nothing to hide.

The revelation from the prosecution did not stop the defense from continuing to point the finger at Darrell Wint - defendant Daron Wint's half-brother who has not testified at this point.

Defense attorney Judith Pipe called two men to the stand who were good friends of Darrell Wint and asked them about his phone, and whether he had more than one number.

The phone is important to the defense because Daron Wint claims his half-brother was the mastermind behind the crime at 3201 Woodland Drive - but phone records show Darrell Wint's phone was nowhere near that address three years ago on May 13 or 14.

One man - Brandon Cooper - told the court he has known Wint since childhood. He says he knew Darrell to change his phone numbers frequently, but could not say whether that was the case in 2015.

During cross examination, Cooper replied "no" when he was asked if Darrell ever asked him to lie to the police.

Another friend of Darrell's - Garnett Williams - testified in 2015 that Darrell Wint had just one phone number, and that no one else ever answered when he called.

He also told the court that Darrell never asked him to take the phone and give him an alibi or drive around Maryland with it.

Garnett Williams also testified that he was asked by Darrell to rent a hotel room for him the night Daron Wint came back from New York, and when he found out it was for a wanted man, he was furious.

The trial is now winding down as it is two weeks ahead of the anticipated schedule.

The jury will not sit on Tuesday, and the defense is expected to rest on Wednesday morning.