Mansion Murders Trial: Former fiance, brother-in-law of suspect Daron Wint speak before the jury

As the Mansion Murders Trial continues, surprising new details emerged Tuesday as murder suspect Daron Wint's former fiance took the stand under a grant of immunity.

She told the court the defendant was 'flush with cash' when he arrived in New York for a visit.

Vanessa Hayles took the stand Tuesday and in a tearful, very soft voice told the court about her relationship with Daron Wint and the time they spent together in New York in May of 2015.

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Hayles testified Wint came to New York with a lot of cash -- all in one hundred dollar bills. He told her won the money in the lottery.

They went to dinner, he bought her an iPhone, new shoes and gave her cash to put on her credit card.

On the evening of may 20th, they were watching the news at Hayles' New York home, when suddenly they saw Wint's picture flash on the screen. Hayles says she jumped out of bed and Wint looked shocked.

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He asked for her phone and called his father. A detective got on the line and told him there was a warrant for his arrest.

While clutching tissues, Hayles says they then left and checked into a hotel that Wint paid for in cash. She told the court that's when she saw a red stain on his hoodie and asked him about it. Hayles says Wint told her he tripped while running from the police and cut himself.

The next day she took him to a taxi stand so he could catch a ride back to Maryland.

Hayles was asked if he ever confessed to her? She said no.

Earlier in the day, Wint's brother-in-law Godfrey Ayling told the court Wint called him late at night on May 15, 205, the day after the murders of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, their son Phillip and housekeeper Vera Figueroa and asked him for help in setting Wint's mini-van on fire.

Ayling told the court "That's a layer too deep for me, I don't roll like that."

Additionally, a woman who was one of three women who were in the car with Wint when police arrested him on Rhode Island Avenue on May 21, 2015, spoke before the jury.

Chelsea Nunes said she did not know Daron Wint, who had told her that day that his name was Jason and kept his sweatshirt hood up.

She said that the day of Wint's arrest, she had been recruited by Wint's brother Darrell to go into stores and purchase money orders with cash, which they were planning to use to hire a lawyer.