Mansion Murders: The prosecution questions Daron Wint

One day after the primary suspect in the savage murder of three family members and their housekeeper tried to shift blame onto his brother, it was the prosecutors' turn to dissect the stunning turn in defensive tactics.

FOX 5 reporters described the atmosphere in Courtroom 203 as "tense."

Daron Wint was back on the stand, and he stood just feet away from jurors as they filed into their assigned seats.

Prosecutor Laura Bach's cross-examination was rapid fire and sharp as she questioned inconsistencies in Wint's testimony.

We learned that Wint was actually fired from his brother's company, PCM, because he refused to wear a hardhat. And yet he testified that he willingly put on a construction vest and hard hat, because his brother Darrell asked him to in the garage of the Savopoulos home.

Wint testified that he thought he was going to get paid about $100 for the drywall and painting job he thought he was being hired for on May 13, 2015. And that he was disappointed when his brother said Daron didn't need to work, he just wanted to give Daron $300 to use his van.

"That upset you that you were getting $300 for your van? You were disappointed you weren't getting $100 to bust your butt doing drywall, and instead got $300 for doing nothing? You can rent a U-Haul for $50! The fact they gave you $300 for your unregistered minivan didn't strike you as odd?" Bach asked.

At another point, Bach zeroed in on Daron Wint's alibi witness: Ed.

Bach questioned if Wint was so upset about getting $300 for not having to work, why he wouldn't go hang out at one of a myriad of family members' houses instead of going to see some guy he only knew a few times for fixing his car.

Wint said there were always a bunch of people at Ed's house, and he just wanted to hang out. And Darrell allegedly told him he'd be back for him.

Bach also called attention to the fact that Ed can't testify in the case, because he has died.

At the end of the questioning, the judge read an instruction to the jury telling them that Wint had every right to the information compiled by the prosecution, and that he was entitled to be in the courtroom for the trial.

The defense will continue their case on Monday.