I Still Have a Keycard Podcast: Episode #13: Tucker Barnes

You know him, love him, and literally wake up with him every morning. But how much do you really know about FOX 5 DC meteorologist TUCKER BARNES? (Like that he started at FOX 5 as a 30-year-old intern???)

He's got a lot more to talk about than the weather. Tucker sat down with I Still Have a Keycard host SARAH FRASER, and nothing was off limits. He opens up about his love life-- and the woman he's dating who might be a familiar face to FOX 5 viewers (but maybe not the one you think!). He also talks about what he's learned from past relationships, and what his future looks like.

Did we mention he has a roommate?!? Don't miss this!

Give it a listen below (app users: click here!).


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