Daron Wint testifies in his own defense in Mansion Murders Trial

The trial of a suspect accused of murdering three family members and their housekeeper inside a Northwest D.C. mansion took a momentous turn on Wednesday when the defendant took to the stand.

Daron Wint - who faces a host of charges ranging from first-degree murder to kidnapping to arson - testified in his own defense for over two hours.

Wint told the court that he was inside the house on Woodland Drive that day, but it was his brother who tortured and murdered Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Philip and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa.

Wint said the morning of the incident, he showed up at the painting company that employed his brother thinking that they would work together. His brother, Darrell, met him and said he needed his van for a job.

The defendant said that on May 13, 2015, his brother drove him to the house of his friend, Ed. Wint claims he spent the night drinking and, the next day, his brother returned in a blue Porsche. The pair then drove to the house, where they ate a pepperoni pizza.

According to Daron Wint, his brother told him to go to the garage and put on a hard hat and a vest. When Darrell reportedly said he wanted to steal from the house, Daron told the court he left the scene to look for a bus.

The defendant's story offered an explanation for all of the DNA evidence investigators had discovered, except for the DNA that was found on a knife in the basement. Wint told the jury he never went to the basement.

Prosecutors will begin cross examination on Thursday.