"An Introduction to Hell" - Episode 1 of FOX 5's latest True Crime Podcast about the DC Snipers

In this first episode of FOX 5's latest True Crime podcast series, "Three Weeks of Hell: The DC Snipers," we’ll reflect on those terrible three weeks in October 2002 when two unknown and elusive killers roamed the streets of the Washington, DC area indiscriminately shooting, wounding and murdering innocent people at a terrifying pace.

In this episode, both of us who covered the DC Snipers' killing spree reflect on that time, talk about our work back then and provide intriguing glimpses of the new information learned during our research on this project. You will also hear parts of interviews recorded for this series with key players in the shocking saga. 

Ashland, VA police officer Tim Meacham remembers the chilling note found at the scene he investigated as the first police officer to respond to the shooting outside a Ponderosa Steakhouse on October 19, 2002. "They said, 'get your body bags.' And they made this threat to the children. 'Your children are not safe anywhere, any time.’"

Mildred Muhammad recalls learning from the FBI toward the end of the three-week killing spree that her ex-husband was the prime suspect. "The agent walked in, put down his phone and says, 'Look, Ms. Muhammad, we're just going to have to tell you, we're going to name your ex-husband as the sniper.' I said, 'What? John?' They said, 'Yes.' My head hit the table."

There’s much to come in this series so be sure to stay tuned. 

Episodes of "Three Weeks of Hell: The DC Snipers" come out on Wednesdays. You can find episodes on FOX5DC.com in addition to YouTube, and wherever you get your podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, and TuneIn