Zoo: Mei Xiang refusing to swap panda cubs

There is concern at the Smithsonian's National Zoo Tuesday over one of Mei Xiang's newborn panda cubs.

Mei Xiang has not cooperated with the panda team's efforts to switch the cubs since Monday afternoon, according to the zoo. While she has the larger cub in her possession, the panda team is caring for the smaller cub. They are continuing efforts to swap the cubs about every four hours.

The little cub's behaviors are good, but the panda team is concerned about its fluctuating weight. They are concentrating on getting the cub proper fluids and nutrients. The cub has shown some signs of regurgitation, according to the zoo.

The panda team said it appears the larger cub is doing well. They are confident Mei Xiang is taking good care of it, but the zoo referred to this as a "high-risk period" following the Saturday night birth of the panda cubs.