NYC's 'worst landlord' assaulted by inmate upon arrival at Rikers: Sources

The man considered to be New York City's worst landlord, was assaulted on Rikers Island Friday, officials say. 

Daniel Ohebshalom turned himself in Thursday to begin a 60-day jail sentence after being found in contempt of court, after blowing off officials' orders for years.

Upon arrival, not even 24 hours later, Ohebshalom was allegedly punched in the face by another inmate at the intake area of the prison, according to a NYC Department of Corrections (DOC) spokesperson.

The disgraced landlord is currently being treated at Bellevue Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

It is unclear what led to the incident or whether the inmate knew Ohebshalom personally. 

The investigation remains ongoing. 

Ohebshalom was ordered to fix ongoing hazards at two of his Manhattan buildings for years, but refused to do so. 

Between those two buildings, (705 and 709 West 170th Street in Washington Heights) he's racked up nearly 700 city violations and failed to make court-ordered repairs on 42 apartments. 

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He has also, for years, reportedly ignored residents' complaints about roach and rat infestations, lead, mold, leaks, collapsing ceilings, no heat, and a plethora of other things. 

Prior to his arrest, Ohebshalom hadn't shown up to court since 2021.

He will also face a $3 million penalty for the thousands of building violations he's been issued over the years, including a $1.1 million settlement he paid to the city at the end of last year for violations in one of his Hell's Kitchen buildings.

Landlords rarely ever serve time for substandard living conditions, but Ohebshalom's lack of corroboration and defiance has landed him in criminal trouble. 

Where is Rikers Island?

The island is in the East River, north of LaGuardia Airport. It is considered part of the Bronx. It is attached to Queens by a bridge.

The city jail complex is notorious for all the wrong reasons.

There have been many reports of their lack of standard safety practices and understaffing. 

A 2023 special report highlighted the egregious conditions both staff and inmates have allegedly been faced with. 

The complex also faces a possible federal takeover as well as a long-gestating city plan to close the complex outright.