World War II vet celebrates 100th birthday on Veterans Day

This Veterans Day was a special one for an Army veteran from Prince William County.

The family of Thomas Owen Shute Sr. celebrated his military service along with his 100th birthday.

Shute was born Nov. 11, 1918 and served in World War II.

"It's been a long time ago," Shute said as he looked at a photo oh himself from the war.

His daughter says he has struggled with dementia for more than five years.

"Is that me?" Shute asked, pointing to the photo.

"A long, long, long time ago," his 6-year-old great-grandson Mason replied.

Mason continued to explain, "You are him. He is you."

"You know more than I do," Shute said.

Shute's daughter, Blondell Shute Kennedy, says her grandchildren play a big role in her father's life.

"I think they have really given him extended life as well," she said. "He loves to talk to them, play with them."

The kids already know about their great-grandfather's past and that what he has done outmatches anyone they watch on television.

"I think this hero is better than Superman, Spider-Man and all the othersuper heroes," said 9-year-old Lundon.

"He's the best," said Mason.