Workers union is latest roadblock for Monumental Sports move to Potomac Yard

Another roadblock has come up in the plans to build a new home for the Capitals and Wizards in northern Virginia. This time, it's labor unions crying foul.  

There are a number of hurdles still in the way of the $2 billion project, putting groundbreaking a way off. Among the issues are concerns from state lawmakers, unions, and local residents, as well as issues over traffic, Metro's capacity at Potomac Yard and the financing of this massive project.

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In terms of this latest dispute between the unions and developer JBG SMITH.

It has to do with the construction trades wanting guarantees that union jobs would help build this project and that in the proposed hotel on the land adjacent to the sports arena. Workers would have a fair shot at organizing if they wanted to. 

The talks over these labor issues have broken off but could come back into play and people on both sides of this dispute are speaking out.

"The stadium would just create bad jobs. Do hard-working Virginians want less for the work they do?  Don’t you Virginians deserve free health insurance and secure jobs for yourself and for your children? I know you do.  So let's fight back." Local 25 Union leader Patricia Namyalo said. 

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"I think you should look at our track record in terms of the jobs we’ve built here working with Clark. In terms of how we’ve actually been able to deliver the protections against wage theft and support market-leading wages for the workers who build our projects. And look at our unionized workforce in our office buildings operated by Local 99 which is all a lot of great union jobs who really do pay great wages here in the region," said Evan Regan-Levine with JBG SMITH. 

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is weighing in on this dispute, saying in a statement to FOX 5, "Virginia is a right-to-work state and unreasonable demands from union leaders will not derail this project."

There are still hurdles to overcome to make the project happen and there's no doubt that more could pop up as state leaders, residents and workers continue to feud over the massive project. 

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