Women's group traveling to Capitol for women's rights march

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While Marla Grace's Nerf gun-laden household sometimes resembles a non-lethal war zone, the mother of three rarely leaves her rambunctious boys behind by indulging in "leave," so to speak, from the domestic battle.

But this upcoming weekend is different.

Compelled by the potential consequences of electing Donald Trump, Grace is joining dozens of women from the Houston area who will be heading to Washington, D.C. to raise their collective voice in protest against what they see as racial insensitivity, open hostility to immigrants, limits on reproductive choice and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

"I cannot sit here and not do something," said Grace, whose oldest child James is challenged with special needs.

"I will not allow someone to mock him and if you do, you are going to hear about it," added Grace, referencing Trump's alleged mistreatment of a disabled reporter in 2015.

On the day after Trump's inauguration, the Houston-area women will join tens of thousands of others from throughout the U.S. in what's being called the Women's March on Washington.

Kara DeRocha will be in the thick of it.

"I think he has made it very plain that he is only going to listen to the people that say what he wants to hear, but I want my representatives to listen to me, because there has to be a checks and balances in this country," said DeRocha.

Nisha Randle redirected her devastation over the election's outcome into immediate activism. It was she who booked the bus for Washington, D.C., pushing for the same impact of another march more than a half century ago.

"If you do something to her, you are doing it to me -- if you do something to them, you are doing it to me and we are holding you, as a group, accountable," said Randle. "We don't get there unless we get there together."