Woman with baby registries charged with kidnapping newborn

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King of Prussia, Pa. (WTXF)- Authorities say they have charged Cherie Amoore in the abduction of 7-week-old Ahsir Simmons.

Amoore is charged with felony kidnapping, unlawful restraint and other charges, according to investigators. Police issued an Amber Alert Thursday night after the baby was allegedly taken right after 5 p.m. from the King of Prussia Mall.

Amoore is the daughter of longtime Philadelphia Republican strategist and party leader Renee Amoore. Renee Amoore appears frequently as a guest on Good Day Philadelphia.

According to police, she struck up a conversation with the baby's mother at the King of Prussia Mall by saying she had a boy the same age. She followed the woman and her family to several stores and joined them at the food court. When the newborn became fussy, she asked if she could hold him while the mother took a phone call and tended to another child. Amoore then allegedly walked off with the boy.

Mall security video, combined with tips that poured in and help from the suspect's family, led police to find the baby unharmed at Amoore's apartment in Tredyffrin Township.

It was a block party on East Lippincott, Friday night or more accurately, a reunion. At the center of it all, sleeping through the fun, was 7 week old Ahsir Simmons and his happy-again mom. Malika Hunter says she's heard Amoore's story and doesn't buy it for a moment.

According to a criminal complaint, Amoore told authorities she had given birth to a baby boy on February 11th, but that he had died within hours. She's quoted as saying of little Ahsir, "I held him and all those feelings rushed back. I just wanted my baby. It felt like i was holding my son again. It felt so good. I didn't want to lose that feeling. I was crazy."

She had at least two registries on the Bump website, which shows a Cherie Amoore and Mateen Biggers requesting and receiving nursery organizers, car seat toys and tummy time mats, along with numerous safety devices. The baby's due date was listed as December 19th.

On Pottery Barn Kids, more clues Cherie requested gorgeous gray and pale blue throws, which are marked as purchased. Blue for a boy and apparently she even had a name. She requested a silver leaf first year frame to be personalized with the name, Mateen Joseph Bigger. You can see clearly items were purchased, and there was a shower on December 5th.

We've just spoken with the mother of Cherie's boyfriend Gail Biggers and she says her son, Mateen, was in a relationship with Cherie for two years. He was excited to become a father, but until Thursday night he'd never seen any baby, according to his mother.

The mother says he came home from work last night and Cherie was sitting there with a baby that she put in his arms and told him was his son. Then, according to his mother, the news came on with the surveillance video and he suspected the woman on video was the woman next to him on the couch. His mom says he started shaking, got up and left the apartment and went to Cherie's parents home-where he confronted them, and together they notified authorities.

The boyfriend's mother also says Thursday night the accused kidnapper Cherie texted her baby pictures which she immediately deleted.

Cherie is being held on $500,000 bail pending an April 15 preliminary hearing.