Woman who has attended 42 Prince concerts mourns loss of music icon

Outside of the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C., a candlelight memorial shines bright in memory of Prince. He took the stage at the concert venue twice last June before sold out crowds. It was the last time he performed in the nation's capital.

One woman who was there was Geneva Jamsa. She has attended a Prince concert nearly every year of her life and collects a piece of history along the way. Ticket stubs, unopened albums, backstage passes and more memorabilia fill this Maryland woman's home turned shrine in honor of the music legend.

"I have liked Prince since 1979," she said. "I was nine."

The ultimate Prince fan was emotional during our interview.

"I was crushed because we always thought about that day coming," said Jamsa. "I was like, 'Nah, he's not going to die anytime soon.' But here it is."

Now, decades later, Jamsa is a great-grandmother and still a big fan. She took us down memory lane inside her bedroom where her daily inspiration comes from the artist himself. The item that means most to her is "probably the [guitar] pick because he handed it to me. The one that he was just using because it has a little notch on it."

Jamsa said she has attended 42 Prince concerts and even met the artist in 2002.

"In passing in the music club lounge," she recalled. "Hi, how are you? I'm good. How are you? And that was it. He doesn't do pictures, he doesn't do autographs."

While Prince shied away from cameras, he adored his fans. And fans like Jamsa adored him.