Woman wakes from coma with legs, arms partially amputated

 A woman who spent 80 days hospitalized after she became infected with a bacteria common in dog saliva that lead to a severe illness, coma and amputations, was on the long road to recovery.

In May, Marie Trainer of Stark County, Ohio and her husband had returned from a vacation when she complained of flu-like symptoms and severe limb pain.

Tests were done that found she had contracted capnocytopaga canimorsus.

Large clots were removed from her limbs.

In the matter of days, Trainer's health continued to deteriorate as the bacteria spread. Doctors made the decision to remove her legs, hands and most of her arms in a bid to save her life.

The couple said one of their two dogs may have licked a small scrape on her arm passing along the virulent bacteria.

“When I opened my eyes I didn’t know where I was,” Marie told various local media outlets. “It was very hard to find out that they had to remove my legs and my arms; very hard to cope with.”

In a GoFundMe post for Trainer, the Trainer Strong Fundraising Team wrote: "In the days and weeks to come Marie will need many life modifications."

The team wants to help offset the costs of medical expenses and prosthetic limbs.

"We have all appreciated the thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and requests of how to help."