Woman stabbed, killed while talking to husband on phone

SYDNEY - Police say a woman in Australia was on the phone with her husband in India when she was stabbed and killed – leaving her husband helpless as he heard the events play out over the phone.

The incident happened Saturday night in a suburb of Sydney.

According to SMH.com, 41-year-old Prabha Arun Kumar was speaking to her husband as she walked home from work through a train station. She told her husband, over the phone, that she was being followed by a suspicious man.

Moments later, as she walked through a park, police believe Kumar was stabbed and killed. At this time the attack appears to be random.

Her husband reportedly heard his wife scream and plead with her attacker. He heard her say she had been stabbed.

A passerby found her and she later died at a hospital.

Surveillance video shows Kumar on the phone walking alone at a train station before the attack.

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