Woman shoots ex-boyfriend's Rolls Royce after allegedly harassing him for months

A woman in Texas is accused of shooting through the front fender of her ex-boyfriend's Rolls Royce early Wednesday morning the Daily Mail reports.

The incident reportedly occurred in Uptown Houston.

According to police, the woman drove up alongside her ex's car in a white Chrysler 300 shortly after 3:00 a.m. and then fired a single shot after both vehicles pulled into a parking lot of a Doubletree Suites hotel.

A law enforcement source told the Daily Mail that the gun used in the attack was a .380 caliber pistol with a mounted laser sight.

Police say the bullet entered the front right fender of the Rolls Royce and then struck the oil pan, which disabled the car.

No one was injured.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman fled from the scene, but a witness followed her and reported her to police.

The woman has been identified as 23-year-old Quindolyn Kauffman, and she was arrested in her car where she had her gun confiscated by Houston Police, the Daily Mail reports.

According to Houston Police spokesman John Cannon, Kauffman allegedly harassed her ex-boyfriend - whom she dated for eight years - since the couple broke up last year.

She was charged on Wednesday afternoon with aggravated assault of a family member. She is being held without bond and reportedly scheduled to be arraigned Monday.