Woman says Takoma Park police K9 dog attacked her while in pursuit of other suspects

A Montgomery County woman says she was mistakenly attacked by a police K9 while she was out walking her own dog earlier this week.

Ayanna Brooks says she is still recovering from some painful injuries after being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brooks says she and her boyfriend Joseph Burroughs were walking their dog along Carroll Avenue near Maple Street in Takoma Park just after midnight on Tuesday as officers were in the area searching for suspects of a crime.

She says they were walking by as the suspects' car crashed and three to four suspects fled the scene. The suspects were followed by several police officers and eventually a K9 unit.

Brooks says the K9's handler lost control and the dog bit her leg and refused to let go despite police officers' commands.

"There were multiple officers instructing him to release my leg and there was just no hope of getting him off," she said. "I'm just like terrified because like I've never had an event like this occur."

Brooks said she ended up with 21 stitches and still can't put any weight on her injured leg. She said she has to see a specialist to determine the extent of her injuries.

Takoma Park police said on Saturday that they were aware of the incident and were investigating the circumstances of what occurred.