Woman says house is infested with rats

Whether you're in Linda Rhodes living room, bathroom or kitchen, you don't have to look hard to find rat droppings.

Rhodes has rented a home in the third ward for more than three years and pays her rent. Over the past five months she says rats have moved in and are nearly impossible to get rid of.

"I was in the bath tub and I had my water in there and got in the tub and the rat jumped in the tub with me while I was taking my bath and I screamed so loud and it just made me so mad," says Rhodes.

"I've seen them in the bedroom where we lay at and I touch her and say look, and I cut my flashlight on so she could see," says her boyfriend Frederick Sudds.

Rhodes contacted her landlord who has brought out rat poisoning on two occasions, but she says when she spoke to the homeowner he told her something else.

"He told me if you don't like it you've got to move and I shouldn't have to move I pay rent every month and he don't care all he wants to do is collect people's money," says Rhodes.

We contacted the homeowner Ray Montalbano who agreed to meet with us in Clear Lake, when we got there he didn't want to go on camera but told us he was aware of the problem and that it would be addressed.

Rhodes says she uses Clorox and cleans the home on a daily basis but is worried for her health and sanity. "You know I'm scared the rats bite me," says Rhodes.