Woman offers unique marijuana-themed experience at DC Airbnb

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Ashley Stafford has an Airbnb experience that's meant to get you lifted -- and she does it to help others.

"So here we have an assortment of beer," said Stafford. "There's fresh fruit, apples, oranges, pineapple."

Welcome to Ashley's Corner, a unique Airbnb experience that comes with food, comfortable rooms, live music and of course -- marijuana.

"Yes -- cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, the devil's lettuce, whatever you want to call it," said Stafford.

Guests who use Stafford's Airbnb have the luxury of using cannabis products during their stay.

"You don't have to partake, but it's here if you need that option," said Stafford.

Guests can smoke or ingest their own cannabis, or use one of the many products Stafford supplies, which includes her own personally-grown strand of marijuana.

"This is just a safe space for people to come and smoke and enjoy," said Stafford.

Now here's the important part, Stafford doesn't sell any marijuana. It would be illegal to do so under current D.C. laws. Initiative 71 -- signed in November 2014 -- legalized the possession of minimal amounts of marijuana.

Stafford says she sells an experience that comes with cannabis and says it's simple as going on Airbnb's website.

"Once they book, they show up and I have different packages available for them," said Stafford.

This is one of the many ways businesses in the District maneuver around the law. Stafford says her business model not only gives people a chance to enjoy marijuana legally, but it also gives them an opportunity to start their own small businesses.

"We literally show people how to take their skills and what they have in their resources and put a weed leaf on it," said Stafford.

The District is coming closer to removing the taboo of cannabis, especially after Mayor Muriel Bowser introduced legislation that would legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

Until then, all Stafford cares about is creating a community for everyone

"They can't access it and smoke it outside on the corner because that's public consumption. They're violating the law. They need a space like this. They need to know that they can legally consume," said Stafford.

Stafford says business is booming and she plans to open up more cannabis Airbnb's throughout the D.C. area.

It's important to note, Bowser says she wants to crack down on business that offer cannabis as a gift.