Woman claims waitress discriminated against her at Buffalo Wild Wings in Texas

A woman tells FOX 26 her server at Buffalo Wild Wings made inappropriate comments about her race. She spoke exclusively with FOX 26 reporter Natasha Geigel about the ordeal.

"I smiled and she said, 'Don't take this racially, but sometimes the only way you can tell with black people is from their eyes and their smiles, because it's so dark.'"

That's what Tasha Lee says the waitress at the Buffalo Wild Wings located on FM 2920 in Tomball said to her after asking for her ID. Tasha has been to this location before, but it was her first time with this waitress.

She tells us, "I was in disbelief, I was shocked. I couldn't really, it was hard to believe that I had heard what I heard."

Tasha said the waitress was white or hispanic, and claimed her son-in-law was black, and so was her grandson. Tasha says management stepped in, got her a new waitress, and comped her meal. She was sent a $10 gift card to cover the drink she had to pay for.

While she received an apology in person and on social media, she wants to make people aware, and learn from her experience.

"I mean, to tell a black person that the only way you can tell it's them from their picture is from the whites of their eyes, and the whites of their teeth it's absolutely unacceptable... While this was the first time this has happened to me so overtly, this is a normal experience for African-Americans everywhere," she said.

A spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings sent FOX 26 a statement:

"The employee in this case no longer works for Buffalo Wild Wings. We value an inclusive environment and have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We've offered our deepest apologies to the guest."