Witness to sexual assault in Annapolis escapes lookout, identifies attacker to officers: police

A witness to a sexual assault in Annapolis escaped a lookout who tried to stop her from calling police and identified the attacker and his accomplice to officers, authorities say.

Officers say the incident happened Friday around 5:45 p.m. in the 2000 block of West Street in Annapolis.

Authorities say a female witness saw a man sexually assaulting a woman down in a small ravine along a path off of West Street and tried to call police. When she did, officers say a man acting as a lookout tried to stop her.

The woman was able to escape the lookout and call police for help, officers say. Authorities say when the attacker saw the witness call police, he broke his hold on the victim and fled the area with the lookout.

Police say they located the two men and were able to conduct a "one-on-one identification" with the witness who identified the attacker as 36-year-old Rubicel Montiel Lopez and the lookout as 42-year-old Jose Alexander Ortiz Urrutia.

Officials say both men were arrested and transported to Annapolis Police Headquarters where they face charges. The victim was transported to the hospital.

The investigation is still continuing.