Wisconsin man practices social distancing by sharing beer with neighbor via RC car

While the coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly every aspect of our lives, some are finding ways to connect with their neighbors -- while maintaining proper social distancing. Eric Trzcinski of Richfield is the perfect example of this.

Trzcinski was recently driving home from work when he had this creative idea for sharing a beer with his neighbor across the street. Trzcinski is a car guy -- and strapped a spare exhaust tip from his collection to the back of his remote control car using zip ties. The exhaust tip was exactly the right size to hold a bottle of beer.

After loading the exhaust tip with a Corona (yes, that was intended), Trzcinski called his friend Trevor Reinke across the street -- and told him to shoot video after Trzcinski's garage opened. The result is the video above -- Trzcinski's RC car driving across the street and delivering a cold one to his buddy.

Trzcinski tells FOX6 News, his original video he posted to Facebook racked up more than 5 million views in just three days.

We applaud him for his creativity -- and for bringing a smile to all of our faces.