Wind Down Thursdays at MGM National Harbor canceled

The popular Wind Down Thursdays event at MGM National Harbor has been canceled until further notice.

The Thursday night jazz and R&B series was set to run through September 29th, but the local radio station that organized it has pulled the plug.

Majic 102.3's Wind Down Thursdays was supposed to continue this week at MGM National Harbor before it was abruptly canceled.

The decision to cancel comes after fights recently broke out in the dining area of MGM.

A video circulating social media shows a full-fledged brawl between several people, mostly women, at the venue. 

Patrons push and shove each other inside what appears to be MGM's National Market, which is home to more than a dozen restaurants.

The fight lasted more than a minute with no security in sight. 

Majic 102.3 says the cancellation is due to "unforeseen circumstances" and tells FOX 5 the move was not dictated by the fight captured on camera. 

"Due to the overwhelming popularity of Wind Down Thursday, the success of the event has outgrown the MGM National Harbor venue," a statement reads via Majic's website. "MGM has been a tremendous partner over the past two years and we look forward to collaborating with them on future events. Radio One will be evaluating venue options for Wind Down Thursday in 2023 and will share more details as they become available."

A spokesperson for MGM National Harbor said, "MGM has been proud to partner with Radio One to host Wind Down Thursdays this summer. We will continue our longstanding partnership with them and look forward to collaborating on events and opportunities in the future."

Majic 102.3 is now telling listeners to look forward to more events in 2023.