Who is Daron Dylon Wint? What we know about the quadruple murder suspect

UPDATE: A court affidavit released Friday revealed that Wint and "others" are believed to have been involved in the murders of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper. CLICK HERE to read all of the details that were revealed in the new documents.

One week after four people were found brutally murdered inside a burning Northwest D.C. home, the suspect in the case, Daron Dylon Wint, was arrested late Thursday night.

D.C. police issued an arrest warrant for the 34-year-old on Wednesday, who also goes by the name Steffon.

He is charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection to the deaths of 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos, his wife, 47-year-old Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their 57-year-old housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. Their bodies were found after a fire last Thursday.

Here is what our reporters have learned about Wint in the hours since he was named a suspect in the case:


There is a direct connection between Wint and the Savopoulos family, D.C. police said Thursday. Investigators believe the suspect may have worked for Savvas Savopoulos at some point at his business, American Iron Works. A source familiar with the employment records at American Iron Works told FOX 5's Paul Wagner that Wint worked for the company at least ten years ago as a laborer.


Wint's DNA was connected to a pizza crust found inside the Woodland Drive home where the crime happened, FOX 5's Paul Wagner has confirmed with police. The night before the bodies were found, a pizza delivery driver left two pizza boxes at the front door of the home where an envelope with cash was left outside.


According to court records, Wint has an extensive criminal history in Prince George's County. Previous incidents include domestic violence, assault and burglary. A woman who identified herself as the suspect's sister told FOX 5 that Wint has been in trouble in the past, but she was surprised to learn that he's accused of a crime so serious.

In one incident in 2005, court documents show Wint stood out in front of his family's home and threatened to shoot both his father and stepmother. They filed a restraining order preventing him from any contact with them for one year, according to the documents obtained by The Washington Times.

Wint was convicted of assaulting one girlfriend in Maryland in 2009, and he pleaded guilty the next year to malicious destruction of property after he allegedly threatened to kill a woman and her infant daughter, breaking into her apartment, stealing a television and vandalizing her car.

"I'm going to come over there and kill you, your daughter and friends," Wint told that woman, according to the records. "The defendant advised he was good with a knife and could kill them easily and was not afraid of the police," a detective wrote.

Also in 2010, Wint was arrested carrying a 2-foot-long machete and a BB pistol outside the American Iron Works headquarters, but weapons charges were dropped after he pleaded guilty to possessing an open container of alcohol.

Wint's criminal history also extends to New York State, where he has three assault convictions that date back to 2007 in Oswego, N.Y. Wint also has an outstanding arrest warrant for criminal contempt for violating an order of protection in a case that involved a former girlfriend dating back to 2008 in Oswego.

Wint served jail time in New York for each of the convictions.


An attorney who says he represented Wint on several occasions years ago back for traffic infractions and a minor theft charge said the charge he is facing now do not fit the kind of person he knew Wint to be.

"I've met him many times," said attorney Robin Ficker. "He was a nice young guy and he was a student at Prince George's Community College. He was trying to find his way. He was not a violent person. I had no fear of him in anyway at all, and I don't think anyone else should have, and I don't think he did this. They should look after people that have tortured others perhaps in other cases or some really bad guys -- and not Mr. Wint."

When asked if Ficker had contact with Wint or planned to represent him, Ficker said he had no comment.


A neighbor told FOX 5's Annie Yu that he saw Wint sitting on the steps of his father's home in Lanham, Maryland, shortly after the homicide. He described the suspect as quiet and someone who kept to himself.

Information used from The Associated Press in this report.

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